Unlock the full potential of your document management process with Extracta.ai API — a state-of-the-art solution designed to streamline the extraction of valuable information


Welcome to the Extracta.ai API documentation. Our API is designed to help businesses automate the extraction of data from various document types with high accuracy and efficiency. Whether you're working with invoices, contracts, or any unstructured documents, our API provides the tools you need for seamless integration into your workflow.

Why Choose Extracta.ai?

  • Versatile Document Processing: From PDFs to scanned images, our API supports a wide range of document formats.

  • Customizable Extraction: Tailor the data extraction to fit your specific needs without relying on predefined templates.

  • High Accuracy: Leverage our fine-tuned algorithms for up to 99% accuracy in data extraction.

  • Data Privacy: Your data's security is our top priority, with compliance to the highest standards.

Getting Started

Begin your journey with Extracta.ai by exploring our Introduction section, which provides essential background information and insights into our API's capabilities. Follow our simple Authentication guide to ensure secure access, and dive into the Authentication for detailed documentation on each endpoint.

Explore Our Features

Learn how to make the most of Extracta.ai's API with our Tutorials, which cover everything from basic setup to advanced use cases.

Stay Connected

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